I understand. However, most "I just bent over" has it's origin and resultant symptoms because of unstable, long standing structural issues.  My X-rays almost always show what these vulnerabilities are and how one can control them before  you suffer a first (or another) "I just bent over".


back-neck supports

Is your pain on one side of your low back?  More trouble turning your head one way than the other?  These one sided issues allow a chiropractor to more easily diagnose and treat. However, what may be of equal importance  is your ability to make an informed decision.  These unilateral issues do make it easier for us to treat but it can also be your rule of thumb for deciding rather or not to seek chiropractic care.


the Spinal adjustment      

One sided pain

Vertebral segments can slide into an abnormal position, become locked out of place and the effects include connective tissue that is stretched and painful. My profession has become skilled with the line of drive, leverage and the amount of force so as to adjust, re-align these  segments from a misaligned to a more properly aligned position.

One can enter our office seeking care for ankle, knee, wrist, shoulder or spinal pain and usually leave with much less expense than their primary care provider and for sure much less cost than an emergency room or hospital visit.  Insurance including BC/BS, Medicare and most other benefits including Medicaid cover chiropractic services. However, high deductibled and or co-pays are very beneficial for catastrophic issues BUT if co-pays are higher than $37.50 we have policies in place that will give more value when we do not file your insurance.

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Why wouldn't one wear a brace when  support gives stability to stretched connective tissue. A cast or shoulder sling is never questioned. Million dollar athletes know the benefits of wraps, braces and elastic taping. You are welcome to call us but before or after you leave our office you may want to buy a support.

I just bent over

A large percentage of patients who enter the office seeking pain relief leave with an awareness of why they have hurt so long. A screening early into ones life can determine if you have one of these vertebral instabilities. We all understand dental check ups, breast and prostate screening but those who are seeking CHIROPRACTIC SCREENING are ahead of the game. 

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My profession's malpractice insurance rates are among the health care profession's least expensive. My rates are typical of other, $1,500 per year.

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