DR. LAVICTOIRE     chiropractic physician
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My wife Tammy and I met in 2010 and had a April 2014 beach wedding. We vacation by the ocean, spend a lot of time outside and live a quiet comfortable life. My daughter Leslie, a double major graduate of ECU is married, expecting her first child this June 1st 2019. Her and her husband are living in Kinston and she has a great job with an Emerald Isle company.  My son Perry and I could not be any closer. He is out of the house and living in Greenville. Our dog is a Great Dane and a lot of fun. We live a quiet peaceful life. Aurora was my home town as was others who moved from south-east Texas to eastern North Carolina. As a child the company which operates the Aurora phosphate mine offered employees from their Texas sulfur mines an opportunity to transfer into what would became a world class phosphate operation. One side of our family is from the area close to those sulfur mines and the other is from Minnesota.  My French-Canadian name has close ties to Minnesota and is pronounce La-Vic-tor

.  The hardest things for some of my patients and something that requires of lot of mental toughness are basic healthy life styles:  rest, exercise and proper nutrition.  Both Tammy and I myself practice the same suggestions my patients are offered. It is wise to regularly work up profuse sweating as is it beneficial to eat what you know is proper nutrition. I get by on six hours of sleep, feel well rested but  this is mainly because I also eat nutritious food and exercise.