DR. LAVICTOIRE     chiropractic physician
     818 west fifth street - washington
                9 4 6 - 0 1 4 8


Timeless healing. My focus will either compliment  the spinal adjustment OR if my patients have a non-spinal injury then acupuncture allows pain relief and faster healing of ankles, knees, wrist,shoulders ect. Weight loss and control of cravings such as smoking and eating can also be supplemented with acupuncture. My  fellowship is credentialed and recognized by the NC Board of Chiropractic Examiners. We have lost tract of the numbers of of cases but my treating with the help of acupuncture began in 2001. Acupuncture can be performed with and without needles. If a point is stimulated with heat or a very small  amounts of electricity  the acupuncture point is receiving the stimulation as would a needle provide stimulation. Very seldom does one require the number of needles that you may have seen on television. Treatment usually requires only two to four points of contact but this should be performed on like points on each side of your body.  I practice classic acupuncture points but equally long standing and well known in the acupuncture profession  are other systems of care. Auricular and extremity points have their origin in either the ears or hands and I use these forms of acupuncture as a sweep when stimulating the classic points.